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You're gonna find the best things about Hugh Jackman here, enjoy! Hola todos!


So my mom accidently took her iphone out  while this happened and got on camera this amazing moment.. thanks mom! 

I’m so proud of your mom! LOL.

current mood: hugh jackman’s butt in x-men: days of future past.


Hugh talks about the size of the green screen sock used with Michael & Kelly

…he is so cocky and proud in this, too funny! 


thank god for gratuitous hugh jackman scenes

remember when everyone was like “omfg, enough with hugh jackman in the x-men movies” 

and now everyone is like “thank God for hugh jackman in the x-men movies”.

slay king.


Jimmy had a few notes on his Men’s Health cover after seeing Hugh Jackman’s! 


"You poor, poor man…"

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